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Cheshire BikeSafe

BikeSafe is a nationwide scheme which aims to reduce casualties among bikers by passing on tips and knowledge, to give an insight to safer, smoother riding and a heightened awareness of possible hazards. The scheme invites motorcyclists to participate in an assessment of their present skills, and advice to help make their riding safer and more enjoyable.

Cheshire Constabulary sits within the Northwest BikeSafe region and we are fortunate to host or neighbour some of the very best motorcycling areas in the country. BikeSafe workshops have been running in the county for the past 10 years. They are aimed at giving full licence holders the opportunity to understand why motorbike crashes happen and to see how emergency service riders use tried and tested techniques to stay safer. Our ultimate goal is motorcyclist casualty reduction achieved by evidencing the benefits of formal training and providing a signpost to accredited post-test training providers. Increase your awareness and skills by attending Cheshire BikeSafe. [book workshop]

Results in a rider development plan

BikeSafe has a national, award winning, DVD based curriculum featuring computer generated images allowing the causes of collisions to be explored in the classroom. At Cheshire BikeSafe the classroom element is delivered on an evening. These lectures are informal, lively and interactive. The observed ride out takes place on a weekend on a 1:1 ratio, and upon successful completion, will result in a rider development plan. The cost is relatively low and should prove to be a sound investment for the future, something increasingly difficult to find these days.

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