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Gloucestershire BikeSafe

Gloucestershire Police and their BikeSafe team are dedicated to increasing road safety, whilst reducing road deaths involving motorcyclists – both in Gloucestershire and as part of the national BikeSafe remit. Our Officers actively support BikeSafe and operate one-day BikeSafe workshops in Gloucester. These motorcycle safety days aim to reduce the number of motorcycle rider casualties by promoting safer riding and sign-posting all riders to recognise the value of ongoing (advanced) motorcycle training. We offer riders the opportunity to have their riding observed by one of our advanced motorcyclists. This identifies areas of risk and helps riders to recognise how improvement will make them a more skilled and safer motorcyclist.

The workshops start at 0830hrs.

Workshops are currently run with a maximum of 24 riders, who must hold a full motorcycle licence (Categories A, A1 or A2) and ride a motorcycle of at least 125cc.

Please note that only a water fountain / hot water is available at SkillZONE.

You may bring “tea/coffee makings” to use within the kitchen & we also advise you to bring some sandwiches / lunch to eat, before you go out for your observed ride in the afternoon.”

Gloucestershire Police are fortunate to have the assistance of BikeSafe volunteers from the local advanced motorcyclist charities. Our volunteers, along with Police advanced motorcyclists, make up the team who undertake the practical element of our BikeSafe workshops.

To participate in a BikeSafe workshop, riders must bring the following:

  • Road worthy bike (at least 125cc)
  • Driving licence, insurance and MOT (electronic versions are fine)
  • Appropriate clothing including an approved helmet/visor, boots with ankle protection, a motorcycle jacket and gloves.

Per BikeSafe terms and conditions, failure to comply with the above precludes riders from participating in the assessment ride and will result in their workshop fee being forfeit.

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