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Herfordshire BikeSafe workshops

Hertfordshire Constabulary has run BikeSafe events for many years which have proved very popular amongst riders. We follow the National BikeSafe curriculum and offer a full day workshop with presentations and an observed ride. Our aim is to reduce motorcycle casualties by increasing riders’ hazard awareness and give an opportunity to have a greater awareness of their skill level whilst maintaining the fun and enjoyable element of riding on the open road.

Our workshop days are run by Police Advanced motorcyclists, including our driving school instructors, all of whom are dedicated riders both on and off duty. They have all volunteered to take part and be involved in BikeSafe owing to their passion for all things bikes! Oh, and they’re a friendly bunch too which makes for all the hallmarks of a fun filled day whilst in a learning environment. We look to encourage riders who attend BikeSafe to then take up advanced rider training, and progress to the next step in professional riding.

We support the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust Charity ride, which starts at our Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City and finishes at the Essex Motorcycle show in North Weald where both Hertfordshire and Essex BikeSafe teams will be in attendance. Fancy coming for a ride? Check out ehaat.uk.com for up and coming details. This should be a good day!

Workshop content

Quite simply we are looking to show you ways to avoid the most likely causes of collisions, heightening your awareness as to why they happen, potential options to change the course of events, and give you riding tips to enjoy your riding in a smoother and safer manner. During the day, you and another rider will join one of our Police advanced motorcyclists on a ride out over a variety of roads, who will observe your riding and give some structured feedback and show you the benefits of post-test training. We also ride in any weather so if it looks like rain make sure you bring your wet weather gear!!

We are supporting BikerDown which has been developed and delivered by the Fire and Rescue Service. Think about it – you could be riding with your mate having a lovely day out when they come to grief. You will be the first on scene! Would you know what to do for them? BikerDown looks at first aid – but not how to make a sling form a bandage or stick a plaster on – we are talking “big sick” stuff aimed at things that might just make a difference whilst waiting for the Paramedics to arrive! Very worthwhile instruction so we will put BikeSafe attendees in contact with the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Bike Team so you can arrange a course day.

Our workshops are run on a select number of Sundays through the summer from Police HQ in Welwyn Garden City. They start at 08:30 and finish at around 16:00. There are a limited number of spaces so it may be wise to book early.

Workshops are open to anyone with a full motorcycle license and a roadworthy bike. If it’s found not to be so during the administration check, the rider will not be able to take part in the observed rides. Restricted learner 125cc bikes won’t be appropriate as bikes need to be able to reach national speed limits. You will need to bring with you:

  • Complete license
  • Insurance certificate
  • MOT (if applicable)
  • Appropriate clothing, including an approved helmet and visor, boots with ankle protection, a motorcycle jacket and gloves
  • A full tank of fuel (Tesco’s at junction 4 of the A1M)

There are no lunch facilities so you will need to bring a packed lunch if required. Coffee and tea will be available.

BikeSafe Workshop Coordinator

Coordinator: PS Peter Scholes
Police Force: Hertfordshire
Workshops: Welwyn Garden City
Counties: Hertfordshire
Region: Eastern

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