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Metropolitan Police Bikesafe

Attend a subsidised BikeSafe workshop with the Metropolitan Police to get real advice from real riders. At our rider skills days, professional police motorcyclists – who are all keen bikers – share the secrets of how to become a neater, smoother, safer and more confident motorcycle rider. These essential workshops are run by Metropolitan Police Service motorcyclists.

We are the only police force in the country that offers this course to learner riders. So it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting off or if you’re a veteran rider, we cater for everyone’s needs. Our one-day BikeSafe workshops  include a theory class, followed by an observed ride. Topics covered include: collision causation (right turn violations), cornering/bend assessment, overtaking, filtering, group riding, attitude to risk, hazard management and the system of motorcycle control

The aim of the day is simple: to help you enjoy safer biking even more. You’ll get advice that’ll make good sense to you at your stage and ability and advice on essential next steps.

Workshop checklist

Have you got everything you need to bring to your BikeSafe workshop? Your motorcycle must be fully roadworthy and legal. You must have a valid motorcycle licence or an in-date Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate, allowing you to ride in the UK. Depending on the age of your motorcycle, you must have a valid MOT certificate. You must also have proof of insurance and be wearing appropriate motorcycle clothing. [book workshop]

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