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Cleveland BikeSafe

The aim of Cleveland BikeSafe workshops, is to reduce motorcycle related road casualties by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness with the goal to make riding safer and more enjoyable. BikeSafe is about starting on the right path to development as it “Bridges the Gap” to further training. We believe riders benefit by continuing to train throughout their riding years and not simply stop once they have passed their motorcycle test.

All motorcyclists in possession of a category A, A1 or A2 licence are welcome to participate in our workshops, provided they have passed their test. It would be beneficial of having some riding experience as a solo rider, without ‘Learner’ plates prior to attending. Cleveland & Durham BikeSafe workshops are not aimed at riders who have passed an advanced motorcycle test already but rather those that are seeking to develop to an advanced level.

Most types of motorcycle are welcome for the Cleveland BikeSafe workshops: Category A1 light motorcycle, Category A2 restricted motorcycle, or category A unrestricted motorcycle. However the workshop is not suitable for mopeds or 125cc learner motorcycles. Category A1 bikes that are not learner and are capable of national speed limits are welcome. Whatever bike you bring, you must be familiar with the controls and must be in a legal roadworthy condition.

The format of the day consists of an interactive presentation by Advanced Police motorcyclists in the morning, followed by an on road assessed ride in the afternoon.Refreshments, including lunch will be provided during the day. If you are now ready to ‘Bridge the Gap’ with a Cleveland & Durham BikeSafe workshop, then you can book your place (subject to availability) by clicking the ‘book’ button above.

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