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Lancashire BikeSafe

BikeSafe is a nationwide scheme which aims to reduce casualties among bikers by passing on tips and knowledge, to give an insight to safer, smoother riding and a heightened awareness of possible hazards. The scheme invites motorcyclists to participate in an assessment of their present skills, and advice to help make their riding safer and more enjoyable.

The aim of Lancashire BikeSafe is to reduce the number of motorcycle accident casualties by promoting safer riding through lectures and an observed ride taken by police motorcyclists and IAM observers. Then to signpost riders to accredited post test training. Motorcyclists continue to be one of the most vulnerable road users. Let’s try for some significant improvement this year, in Lancashire and throughout the UK.

Workshop content

Lancashire Bikesafe is a full day programme which will start at 09:00 at the designated venue. Each date will be based on a nationally produced DVD, which standardises the learning around the country. It is designed to promote thinking around biking scenarios and discussion within the group.

The day will be split into

  • Classroom inputs and discussions
  • Observed ride out with a mix of observers from the Police, IAM and RoSPA
  • First aid input

The morning will be classroom based in the venue. The group will be split in the afternoon so that half the group can do the observed ride and the others have the first aid input and then the groups will be swapped round. There will be a break for lunch, but this is not provided and you will need to either bring a packed lunch or purchase refreshments from local shops.

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 10 years old, and currently have five of my own including Motocross (2 and 4 stroke), a Superbike, a Super moto and a Super naked. I’ve been an advanced Police Motorcyclist for the last 15 years which is when I realised that advanced motorcycle skills not only makes you a smoother and safer raider, but also hugely improves your enjoyment of riding powered two wheelers. My role for the last 15 years has also been to investigate serious and fatal road traffic collisions. My colleagues and I are all extremely passionate about reducing the numbers of those killed and seriously injured on our roads, and obviously have a specific passion for motorcycles.

Since 2015 I have been the Lancashire BikeSafe coordinator – organising and facilitating all of the Lancashire BikeSafe workshops. I genuinely believe that BikeSafe is the single most significant thing we do as police motorcyclists that impacts positively on motorcycle safety, and really makes a difference – Sgt. Finn Quainton, BikeSafe Coordinator, Lancashire Constabulary.

Lancashire Police Motorcyclist in the rain Clitheroe
Lancashire BikeSafe motorcycle safety roadside debrief
Sgt Finn Quainton Lancashire BikeSafe Coordinator