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North Yorkshire PoliceSelby Bikesafe
Selby Fire Station
Canal Road
North Yorkshire
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North Yorkshire PoliceMalton Bikesafe
Malton Police Station
Old Malton Road
North Yorkshire
YO17 7EY
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North Yorkshire PoliceNorthallerton Bikesafe
Police HQ
Alverton Court
Crosby Road
North Yorkshire
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North Yorkshire BikeSafe

Great roads, great bike, great rider? We have the roads, you have the bike, but do you have the riding skills to match. As the song goes, “two out of three ain’t bad”, but unless you have the riding skills to match your bike you are asking for a spill. Bikes are faster, handle better and look great. However, a top-class bike deserves a top-class rider. By learning important skills you stand a better chance of keeping your machine shiny side up. To address this problem, why not book onto a BikeSafe skills workshop with North Yorkshire Police?

North Yorkshire Police offers motorcycle workshops as part of the forces continuing drive to reduce road casualties, supported by the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership 95 Alive. It is a well-known fact that very few riders appreciate the need or are willing to pay for further training once passing their DSA bike test. We aim to bridge the gap between that basic skill level and the kind of further training that enables riders to combine tremendous enjoyment with a much higher level of personal safety.

The majority of motorcyclists who hold a full bike licence will benefit from the workshop and are very welcome. Once you have completed the classroom input, an officer will make contact and arrange a suitable time to carry out an observed ride.

BikeSafe workshop content

North Yorkshires one-day BikeSafe workshop consists of two modules:

Module One (theory): This is an informal presentation involving the use of an interactive BikeSafe DVD. This workshop will look at the essentials such as improving observation skills, slow speed control and how to position and read bends correctly. Statistics show that failure to negotiate bends is a significant factor in collision causation. Riders will leave the workshop with the skills enabling them to enjoy bends rather than guessing how tight they are! If you have any questions about riding, we will answer them.

Module Two (ride-Out): After a spot of lunch you will be going out for a ride with either a Police motorcyclist or observer from the IAM. This is run on a 2 : 1 ratio where you will be followed by an advanced rider over a scenic route which includes various types of roads and hazards. At the conclusion of the ride, you’ll get a tactful debrief on your ride and any areas which may need polishing up will be gently pointed out. You will also be told where to source approved training.

BikeSafe Workshop Coordinator

Workshop Coordinator: TC Jamie Lord
Police Force: North Yorkshire
Workshops: North Allerton (Police HQ), Selby, Malton
County: North Yorkshire
Region: North East

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National Admin

For questions relating to existing bookings i.e. refunds, transfers and cancellations, please raise a ticket with national BikeSafe support.