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Warwickshire Police are proud to offer BikeSafe workshops – an opportunity for riders to experience a professional police observed ride with police graded riders. With Warwickshire BikeSafe, participants will learn about the significant benefits of investing further time in post-test motorcycle training (IAM, RoSPA and the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme). Ongoing training is the key to becoming a safer, more skilled rider and with this is the added benefit that riding a motorcycle becomes more enjoyable. We also fully understand that with time invested in quality post-test training, comes less rider risk and reductions in motorcycle casualty statistics. Join Warwickshire Police by booking a place on one of our Warwickshire BikeSafe workshops. The benefits cannot be measured! 

Lunch and refreshments

Whilst Leek Wootton does not have catering facilities, during the theory (morning) aspect of your Warwickshire BikeSafe workshop, we do provide complimentary tea and coffee. Alongside this, we ask that riders make their own lunch arrangements (ideally a packed lunch) and bring a bottle of water.

Warwickshire BikeSafe feedback

  • Well paced & interactive

    A well-paced and interactive course which has been beneficial for my riding; I have noticed the difference that applying the IPSGA techniques has made in my rides. It was a really enjoyable day and as an aside, I have spread the word about the course amongst my ladies biking Facebook groups, so with a bit of luck you may notice an increase in the number of female attendees over the coming months!

    Well paced & interactive
    Andrea Smith
    attended workshop on 26/05/19
  • Friendly, open and helpful

    Dear Shaun, I’m deeply appreciative of the time and effort you and your colleagues put into organising the BikeSafe course. I had some initial trepidation about ‘being judged’ by expert police riders, but you all were so friendly, open and helpful. I found the course very interesting and educational. I intend to continue practising the tips and techniques you taught us today in order to be a better, safer rider.

    Friendly, open and helpful
    Sandeep Kapur
    attended workshop on 26/05/19
  • Satisfied Street Triple Rider

    Excellent value and well organised. After classroom tutoring we spent three hours riding through Warwickshire & Leicestershire. All completed in squalls and sheets of driving rain – however, the challenging conditions and expert guidance, improved my abilities & confidence no end. I’d thoroughly recommend completing a BikeSafe course, you might learn something and that something might just save your life.

    Satisfied Street Triple Rider
    Adrian Wigham
    attended workshop on 26/05/19
  • This course has changed the way I ride

    I have been riding on the roads for 40 years now and never had any formal training other than that necessary to pass my test at 17 and consider myself lucky to have avoided any major accidents in all that time. In one day this course has changed the way I ride – different lines, greater visibility, more time to think and a more relaxed and enjoyable ride as a result. [more]

    This course has changed the way I ride
    Neil Lewin
    attended workshop on 28/07/19
  • Hugely rewarding day

    As I said, the day was fantastic, really well put together and incredibly good value for money. I learnt more in that one day than I have in eleven years of riding. It’s given me so much more confidence on the road and has definitely made me a safer rider. I found it a hugely rewarding day and, having been practising the techniques for the past week. Thank you. [more]

    Hugely rewarding day
    Jack Lewin
    attended workshop on 28/07/19

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BikeSafe Workshop Coordinator

Workshop Coordinator: Sgt Shaun Bridle
Police Force: Warwickshire
Workshops: Leek Wootton
County: Warwickshire
Region: West Midlands

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For questions relating to existing bookings i.e. refunds, transfers and cancellations, please raise a ticket with national BikeSafe support.