UK’s most dangerous roads for motorcyclists

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road on a motorcycle, especially on a warm summer’s day. But safety is everything and with 60 serious motorcycle related road traffic accidents daily, you need to take advantage of advanced motorcycle training and BikeSafe is an ideal opportunity to be assessed and sign-posted to the most appropriate advanced training in your area.

It’s no secret that riding a motorcycle has a great deal more to offer than your average car journey, but with this there can be some additional risk factors – not just from riding, but from other road users. One of our goals at BikeSafe is to assess your riding and then to offer feedback on the best ways in which you can reduce these risk factors. We believe that this approach contributes a great deal to improving rider safety throughout the UK and where else can you find an opportunity to ride with serving police officers?

Saturdays have become more dangerous year-on-year

A recent study by Swinton Insurance has analysed accident data from across the UK to evaluate riding risk factors, with associated tips on how best to take precautions. Results showed that overall accident rates are declining, but one of the headline statistics is that one in three motorcycle accidents are either serious or fatal. This cannot be ignored!

You can’t preempt what days to avoid, but statistically, Friday is the most dangerous day of the week for motorcyclists and Saturdays have become more dangerous year-on-year. For the more serious accidents, midday on Sunday has been reported as the most dangerous time.

Whilst overall national accident rates are improving, London remains a motorcycle accident hot-spot. In contrast, the East Midlands has seen  accident rate reductions of 6%.

71% of motorbike accidents happen on A-roads

Most accidents involve riders on motorcycles with engines of 500cc and upwards, suggesting that accidents are happening more with leisure riders and less so with commuters. Summer is the time when most motorcyclists like to ride, but at this time of year, the accident rate increases to the extent that 83% of motorcycle crashes occur during fine weather, with 71% of motorbike accidents happening on A-roads.

Looking specifically at ‘A’ roads, the UK’s top 10 most dangerous roads are:

1. Lambeth A23, London
2. Brent A404, London
3. Hackney A10, London
4. Islington A501, London
5. Hackney A107, London
6. Tower Hamlets A13, London
7. Powys A483, Wales
8. Islington A1, London
9. Wandsworth A3, London
10. Wandsworth A3205, London

These statistics do highlight the risks of city riding in general and why basic motorcycle training must be supplemented with high quality post-test motorcycle training such as the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme or courses offered via the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and/or the Royal Society of Accident Prevention (RoSPA). All three organisations offer excellent training and an opportunity for riders to reduce their own risk factors, become more skilled and to greatly enhance their riding enjoyment.

200 free BikeSafe workshops this Summer

Throughout the UK, the good news is that 34 police forces dedicate resources every month to BikeSafe, through which all full-licence holders can be assessed and sign-posted to further training.

With specific regard to the risks of riding a motorcycle in London, the Metropolitan Police Service, is committed to providing an ongoing program of BikeSafe workshops and during the Summer of 2019 is offering 200 free BikeSafe workshop places in partnership with Transport for London and over 20 of the London Boroughs.

Benefit your future journeys

BikeSafe workshops cover rider attitude, systematic methods, collision causation, cornering positioning, overtaking, observation braking hazard perception and use of gears to name a few. Providing detailed briefings on hazard awareness and how to make your motorcycling safer, we’ll also assess you on the road to provide detailed, honest feedback into strengths and weaknesses of riding to benefit your future journeys.

Find your nearest BikeSafe workshop.