Merseyside BikeSafe workshop – great couple of days riding in Cheshire & North Wales

Explanation on how to ride safer, smoother and more responsibly

I’d like to pass on my thanks to Paul Cumberlidge (Merseyside Police) and the team, as well as Dave Rees (Highways and Streetscene Services, Wirral Council) and all others involved in last weekends BikeSafe course. I found the course really valuable and great value for money. Not to mention a great couple of days riding out to Cheshire and North Wales. They even booked the sunny weather for the weekend!

I have been riding motorcycles for a number of years and I thought I was a good, steady, safe rider. After a couple of days on the bike being followed by the BikeSafe team I was given some really constructive feedback and explanation on how to ride safer, smoother and more
responsibly. The experience in the room on one of these courses is huge and there’s no such thing as a stupid question and no better place to ask those questions. The team were really friendly and accommodating and given the current climate with COVID, they even provided us with spare PPE and guidance to keep ourselves COVID-safe throughout the weekend.

The public perception was considered throughout and we were broken up into small groups, even though as a training course we were exempt from the ‘Rule of Six’. If the course means that I’m better prepared to deal with hazardous situations on the road, then it’s providing a great service to the Police. Reducing the chances of our staff and officers being involved in an accident will ensure that we have more resilience to conduct our jobs.

I really enjoyed the BikeSafe course

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say I really enjoyed the BikeSafe course in Sep. I was hesitant about booking onto one but really glad I did. All the staff running it were great and it was nice to have a staff only course.

Merseyside BikeSafe workshop 200920

The learning opportunity vastly outweighed the relatively small cost

Gents, A little message to say thank you for a genuinely enjoyable weekend, packed with lots of valuable learning that will hopefully improve the standard of my riding going forward. CPD, especially for people who are a number of years post-driving test, wasn’t something I’d considered until Paul provided me with the details of the BikeSafe scheme and I really thought that the learning opportunity vastly outweighed the relatively small cost of the course.

I (along with the other attendees) am incredibly grateful for you – and the rest of the BikeSafe volunteers – giving up your weekend off to provide us with the benefit of your knowledge. Whilst I’m sure this is formally recognised by your line management, I wanted to take the opportunity to document my gratitude. Until the next one, Paul

An enjoyable and educational weekend

Dear Paul, thank you for demonstrating our value of ‘Just Lead’. Concerning the delivery of ‘BikeSafe’ 19th-20th September 2020 – many people do not realise how much work and effort goes into ensuring the workshops are planned and run smoothly to ensure the participants have an enjoyable and educational weekend whilst at the same time assisting in hopefully reducing the number of collisions and injuries through advice and educational classroom discussions.

The initiative is a National led process and I am aware of the extra work you do co-ordinating with officers from various parts of the Country whilst at the same time continuing within your own role.

I know you are very passionate about BikeSafe and think your continued efforts are worthy of a little recognition to highlight the work you do without any issues and amongst your bike team deployments. In these busy and uncertain times we find ourselves in, good work sometimes goes unnoticed.

Thank you for putting so much hard work into this and delivering a course backed up with high praise and fantastic feedback and more importantly more riders on the road with a great knowledge, understanding of risks and more consideration of adopting a safe riding style. Carl